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"Within" selection?


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Looking at the brigth side, this give a good chance to send a good answer...

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Not probable.... Dr Valenzuela does not mount up to much worth answering...I think the commentary is nutty enough to discredit itself. Doesn't , truly, deserve an answer. Nespolo was better.

I did find this amusing, though

"I developed the ideas of living beings as a net system of organizational self-repair and reproductive relays, with the late Prof. D. Brncic"

It would have been nice if they had published something about that, though.

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"Science is not primarily involved with explanations, but with knowing or understanding natural or universal processes that existed, exist and shall exist, regardless the human mind". Ever since Kant, we disagree.

"As life may be an ideologically biased concept and may not exist " ??!!??!!?

"Suicide does occur". Conclusion: autopoiesis doesn't exist. hehehe.

"Evolution is a change in the genetic structure of populations" It's a quite new idea.

It's sometimes funny. I agree that it doesn't deserves an answer

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"The study of evolution with living beings whose rests remained (fossils) and remains (present living beings) is greatly biased. The organization of fossils persists regardless of the cataclysms that extinguished the living beings that generated them. Thus, fossils are better adapted than living beings. They represent no more than the 1 % of all the living beings that have existed and exist, and they have had and have the highest fitness, but not as living beings"

How stoop to debating over such nonsense? Wat is there interesting about these wacky affirmations?

or this too

"Not less erroneous and dangerous is the refusal (anti-reductionist integrism) of members of a discipline (paleontology) to confront their hypotheses with the well-demonstrated facts of another discipline (population genetics)"

This is just funny

"The pattern of evolution would include small or gradual phenotypic changes that occurred during long time periods (equilibrium or stasis), interrupted (punctuated) by fast species transformation, of which no or few fossils are left (Futuyma 1998). The similarity of this hypothesis with the structure of science proposed by Kuhn (1970) is remarkable: "normal science", performed within the same paradigm, grows for long periods, but it is interrupted by "paradigmatic science" (paradigm changes)"


Most of the article shows he has had no interest in understanding maturana, but a lot of interest in discussing his own papers, boxing his own shadow and talking about... just whatever hahaha

about the 1/4 A, T, C, and G argument...no comments. I just wonder how the editors at RCHN thinks that's OK.

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Es interesante la mencion que hace valenzuela de R. Berrios. Sera Raul Berrios, biomatematico. El aparece mencionado en "el arbol del conocimiento" como quien propuso la metafora de las gotas que se desplazan por un "cerro", para connotar la nocion de evolucion y deriva.

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The article seems to fuel choleric anti-systemic tantrums, as the unfortunate one recently made by R. Nespolo.
C. Valenzuela not only exposes his deep ignorance (should we better say misunderstanding?) on Biology of Cognition proposals, but also encourages futile and narrow-minded efforts to hegemonize biological thinking ("Science has a purpose: to understand happenings objectively").

It is also worth to note the naivety (unethics?) of RCHN editorial board for publishing religious-disguised notions (as evidenced in the last paragraph) from authoritative individuals that play active roles in discussing public health policies. (See Valenzuela´s repertoire of moralist opinion in public health matters)

A lamentable, and repetitive trend that casts deep doubts on the seriousness of the journal. I also agree that it doesn´t deserve a direct answer, since it has already discredited itself. A shame.

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Valenzuela is famous for being...."eccentric". To answer him in the RCHN is not advisable. But we can have fun tearing him to pieces right here on this blog. It seems like a more appropiate place, and can be referred to if we wish.
We can make posts over some of his points about heritability, and also about his concept of drift, which is simply a strawman. Valenzuela reveals he is unconnected from adequate discussion of drif in the real world.

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Fundamentalismo pseudocientífico... O cómo utilizar la tribuna científica para fines moralistas y religiosos. PUAJ!!


COMENTARIOS DEL Dr. Carlos Valenzuela Yuraidini
Ciudadano de la República de Chile, Pedagogo en Religión y Moral, Médico-Cirujano, Doctor en Ciencias, Profesor de Genética, Etica y Epistemología, Profesor Titular de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Chile.

"La incorporación del dominio o dimensión espiritual al lado del físico y del síquico.
Chile es un país cuyo pueblo es en su mayoría "espiritualista". Está muy claro que la siquis o la mente son procesos materio-energéticos, es decir físicos o bióticos. El alma o espíritu humano pertenece a otro dominio. Este dominio es trans-materio-energético y como tal es materia de Fe. Tanto creer que existe el dominio espiritual como creer que no existe son posiciones indemostrables por la filosofía o por la ciencia y por lo tanto ambas posiciones son opciones de Fe. La mayoría de los chilenos (católicos, mormones, evangélicos, testigos de Jehová, judíos, hindúes, islamitas y otros) creemos en el alma inmortal que está en el huevo o embrión humano, que no tiene ni mente ni siquis y, que perdura más allá de la muerte, cuando el cerebro y la mente se descomponen. Debe, entonces, el artículo incluir la dimensión espiritual incluso por respeto al pluralismo democrático. La dimensión espiritual existe o (exclusivo) no existe. La verdad es una sóla. Como se ha dicho no puede demostrarse ninguna de las dos opciones."

Para curiosos, hay más material googleable, sobre la pastilla del día después y sobre la naturaleza espiritual del cigoto humano, la mayoría en publicaciones de estamentos oficiales. RS

Anónimo dijo...

C. Valenzuela: "No es necesario ser teólogo para concluir definitivamente que de integrarse el espíritu al cuerpo se integra en un único estado y muy preciso. El mejor candidato materio-energético para esa integración es el estado de comienzo de la individuación biótica (primera integración citoplasma-genoma)." JUAJUAJUAJUAUAJUAJUA

Chico dijo...

Now I think I understand the motivation to write an article answering Vargas, el Pagano.

Chico dijo...

Maybe we could add a glossary to Valenzuela's article. It would prove it was written by a soul from the past:

Evolution: "Evolution is a change in the genetic structure of populations".

Natural Selection: "Natural selection is a process of genetic differential reproducibility (of individuals and population genetic structures)". Gene-selectionism.

Species:"Species are a particular class of genetic population structure (or organization)". Non-historical concept of specie.


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